Postdoctoral researchers

Doctoral researchers

Z. (Zhizhou) Li, MSc
Z. (Zhizhou) Li, MSc
Doctoral candidate at TU/e
Development of a multi-objective simulation framework for design and optimization of building envelopes.

J. (Jakub) Simek, MSc
J. (Jakub) Simek, MSc
Doctoral candidate at CTU in Prague
Energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

 S.B. (Samuel) de Vries
S.B. (Samuel) de Vries
Doctoral candidate at TU/e
Computational analysis and optimization of innovative shading concepts.

Professional doctorate in engineering trainees

Visiting researchers

Xinglong Guo
X. (Xinglong) Guo, Dr.
Visiting Researcher
Performance study of air source heat pump coupled with gas boiler in a Dutch residential building.

Student assistants

Sultan Cetin Ozturk
S. (Sultan) Çetin Öztürk, BSc

Master thesis research students

Canan Bas
C. (Canan) Bas
Designing an Adaptive Building Skin for a High-Rise Office Building in Istanbul and Simulating its Performance.

Bruno Bekhuis
B.(Bruno) Bekhuis
The role and potential of hybrid heat pumps in existing buildings.

Marjolijn Benen
M.A.E. (Marjolijn) Benen
Net Zero House in Oss.

Roy Botman
S. (Stef) Boesten
Analyzing cases of application of fuel-shift technologies for heating in Copenhagen.

Roy Botman
R. (Roy) Botman
Designing a district in a way energy demand is minimized by optimizing building cluster compositions.

David Duque Lozano
D. (David) Duque Lozano
Aesthetic photovoltaic facades: towards making (almost) all built surfaces a source of clean energy.

Helena Freitas Martinho
H. (Helena) Freitas Martinho
Parametric approaches for simultaneous design and performance prediction of adaptive facades.

Suryadi Kusnadi
S. (Suryadi) Kusnadi
Development of a hybrid empirical-physical model for LSC performance prediction.

Puji Sri Ningsih
P.J. (Puji Sri) Ningsih
Investigating the importance of uncertainties in PV yield for dwellings with zero-energy guarantees.

Alexandros Papageorgiou
A. (Alexandros) Papageorgiou
Designing a sustainable industrial campus-BIC Project.

Adheesh Saritha Rao
A. S. (Adheesh Saritha) Rao
Adoption of risk-aware solar resource approaches for performance prediction of PV systems in the built environment.

Vignesh Venkatakrishnan
V. (Vignesh) Venkatakrishnan
Learning lessons from data analysis of monitored rooftop pv systems.