Postdoctoral researchers

Doctoral researchers

J. (Jakub) Simek, MSc
J. (Jakub) Simek, MSc
Doctoral candidate at CTU in Prague
Energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

 S.B. (Samuel) de Vries
S.B. (Samuel) de Vries
Doctoral candidate at TU/e
Computational analysis and optimization of innovative shading concepts.

Professional doctorate in engineering trainees

Johan (J.) Alrutz Barcelos, MSc
J. (Johan) Alrutz Barcelos, MSc
SBC trainee at TU/e
Designing a district heating system.

Evangelos Kyrou, MSc
E. (Evangelos) Kyrou, MSc
SBC trainee at TU/e
Atlas building district energy interaction.

Christina Papachristou, MSc
C. (Christina) Papachristou, MSc
SBC trainee at TU/e
Design of a selection guideline for thermal comfort strategies in existing office buildings for optimized smart grid applications.

Visiting researchers

Student assistants

Sultan Cetin Ozturk
S. (Sultan) Çetin Öztürk, BSc

Master thesis research students

Marjolijn Benen
M.A.E. (Marjolijn) Benen
Net Zero House in Oss.

Roy Botman
R. (Roy) Botman
Designing a district in a way energy demand is minimized by optimizing building cluster compositions.

Sultan Cetin Ozturk
S. (Sultan) Cetin Ozturk
Cost optimal renovations of apartment buildings.

David Duque Lozano
D. (David) Duque Lozano
Aesthetic photovoltaic facades: towards making (almost) all built surfaces a source of clean energy.

Bart Kok
B. (Bart) Kok
Is it possible to predict the energy consumption of current office buildings based on limited available information to offer a better suited EPC?

Arinda Puspita Rachman
A. (Arinda) Puspita Rachman
Smartness indicator grading system as a design guidelines for developing a Dutch smart ready house.

Vignesh Venkatakrishnan
V. (Vignesh) Venkatakrishnan
Learning lessons from data analysis of monitored rooftop pv systems.